Thursday 5-3-2018 Weiden

Got to sleep in until 6:30am. Had a cup of coffee and Kathryn, AJ, Cathy and I headed to Old Weiden. Kathryn parked in under ground parking. We went up to the City Center near the Rathaus. We could see the Weiden Maibaum

Quite a bit larger than in Rothenstadt.

Kathryn went off to the opthalmologist for a check after Lasik surgery. Cathy, AJ and I found a coffee shop

We ordered Cappuccino

Kathryn had to wait and hour and a half to see the doctor. She joined us and had Cappuccino and bacon and eggs that really looked good.

Kathryn and Cathy then went to order AJ’s birthday cake.

We then headed back to Weiden. Kathryn’s car had been shaking badly at Autobahn speeds, do she dropped it off at the garage in Rothenstadt.

We walked back to Kathryn’s house, less than a mile.

Erik had to work late again, do the three of us walked a couple of blocks to Salute, a Rock and Roll Musik bar and restaurant.

There is a Biergarten in the back

They specialize in burgers. I ordered a Big Western Burger. It was perhaps the best burger I have ever had. Great seasoning and a wonderful coarse texture bun.

It was thick and had bacon in it

I ordered a vom Fass (draft) beer

It was decorated like a lot of bars in the US and most of the patrons looked like bikers.

We ordered pasta take out for Erik.

Erik got home shortly after we got to the house. He said the pasta was good.

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