Tuesday 5-15-2018 A Day with Alessandra

Today Kathryn had to go to a class, so we took care of Alessandra all day.

Fed her breakfast and lunch

Changed her diapers and put her down for her naps.

Kathryn got back at 5:00pm and we went and picked up a rental car in Weiden. Her car needs CV joints and they won’t be installed until the 25th of May. So better safe than sorry.

She got a brand new BMW compact 5 door with only 5km on it.

We went back home to meet Erik.

Alessandra was waiting at the door for him

We went for our last meal at Shinderhannes, the same place we ate our first night in Rothenstadt.

They have a panel truck with interesting signage

Alessandra really enjoyed throwing the menus and coasters on the floor. She shared Erik’s salad and Kathryn’s pasta.

I had fried sausages with sauerkraut and potato salad and Winkler Pils vom Fass beer

Kathy had pork and onions on a skewer

We went back to Kathryn and Erik’s to pack for an early start in the morning.

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