Tuesday 5-8-2018 Shopping in Weiden

Another perfect day in 70’s Fahrenheit. Partly cloudy.

Coffee and bagels for breakfast. Sat out on the patio and drank coffee in the morning.

After Alessandra’s mid day nap we went in to Weiden. We returned the plastic container to the Bakeri.

Kathryn was shopping for new sandals. After stopping at several shoe stores, she headed to H&M.

We saw the perfect bench for my sister Judy who has Dachshunds.

We stopped at an ATM to get some cash.

While they went into H&M I said I would wait outside. After more than an hour I called Kathryn and told her I was going to go back a couple of blocks and get something to drink. I stopped at a side walk cafe called The Beanery and ordered a Prosecco.

We decided on antipasto for dinner, so stopped at a vegetable and fruit market for olives. Bought several varieties and stuffed mushrooms. He tossed in some bread that turned out delicious and some papaya.

The market was called IBO

We then went back to Rothenstadt and Kathryn put AJ to bed. Kathryn and I then went to Kaufland for meat, cheese and some other necessities.

They have a large variety of salami and other cold cuts

Went back to Kathryn’s and set out the antipasto and got a beer.

Erik got home about 8:00pm and we sat out on the patio for awhile. Went inside and watched some YouTube videos.

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