Called Fisher Chevrolet Wednesday 2-27-19

Nice day. Overnight low was 56F and high today was 78F. Sunny and clear skies.

Joy was barking at me before I got out of bed. I think she wanted to play.

Made the usual coffee and bagel.

Took Joy for a walk. Talked to neighbors behind us. Two brothers and their sister.

One brother in a Minnie Winnie and the other end his wife in the fifth wheel. Sister in the middle. The sisters generator didn’t work and the brothers were working on it. Both are mechanics. The sister lives in Mesa and has a house. Both brothers full time.

Cathy and Joy sat on the shady side of the motorhome.

Half in shade and half in sun.

Got an email from Google Maps. Fisher Chevrolet wanted to talk to me about the poor evaluation. Called and they were all in a meeting. Took my number and Sandy the Service Manager called me. I have an appointment for 2:00PM tomorrow.

Watched the Cohen testimony off and on.

Played ball with Joy.

Had Michelina’s lasagna and salad for dinner.

Watched Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Whiskey Cavalier.

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