Easy Day at Jojoba Hills Tuesday 2-12-19

Another nice day. Joy and I went up to the Rim Dog Park to play ball. Took the tosser and ball. There was already a tosser and about 20 balls.

I sat up on the hill and tossed the ball down the hill. Joy had to run it back up hill.

There was a nice pond across the street

Cathy and I went into Temecula to Walmart for a few things.

Cathy has been looking for a US Bank to make a deposit. I saw a sign from CA79 so back tracked and stopped.

Also saw a Sprouts, so stopped after Walmart

Got some Italian salami and anti pasta.

Went back to Jojoba Hills and sat outside with Chianti, salsa and chips.

Made shrimp stir fry for dinner.

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