Got the Motorhome Network Going Wednesday 2-20-19

Another quiet day. Watched the usual morning TV, made coffee and toasted bagels.

It was cool over night, 37F and sunny and 63F today.

Today is my mother’s birthday, she would have been 99 years old today.

Cathy called Medtronics and got a FedEx tracking number. I checked it on line and it said it was out for delivery by 4:30PM.

Took Joy for a walk around Ocotillo Flats. Talked to the couple NW of us. They were from Wisconsin. They have been coming here for two years. They were going with another couple to Mexico today on their motorcycle.

The couple parked where Dennis and Rowena used to park have an older small Winnebago Class C and tow a Smart Car.

We walked by the motorhome with the weather station parked on hill where Andy and Alan parked

We walked down Ferguson Road aways and then back. There are pretty violet and yellow flowers

We got back to the motorhome

Set up the motorhome network based on the Cradlepoint router. Got the printer and scanner working.

Cathy took Joy for a walk along Senator Wash.

I saw the FedEx truck stop

Checked on line and it said delivered at 3:34PM. Cathy will pick it up in the morning.

I made raw fries with onions and Spam for dinner. We had coleslaw along with it. I had Chianti. Not much left of the 1.75l bottle.

I had ketchup from 99 Cent Only with dinner, it is sweetened with honey.

Watched Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD on TV.

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