Got Up Early Tuesday 2-26-19

Got up at 6;30AM. Furnace came on as I got up. Overnight low was 51F and high today was 71F. Mostly sunny.

Made coffee and toasted bagel.

Pulled in slides and raised jacks. Hooked up Equinox and headed for dump on the Mesa.

Drove into Specialty Sewing Senter in Yuma for slide topper installs. Went by way of Bard. There were 2 RVs already there

They said they thought the awning was good for a couple more years so didn’t do it.

We had several hours to kill. The Equinox needs an oil change. Decided to go to Fisher Chevrolet’s Quick Lube

Cathy said we might have to wait. I said we have a lot of time. Well not quite enough. They said two weeks, kind of redefines Quick Lube.

Stopped at Romeos Car Wash on 4th Ave. Best $8 car wash we’ve ever gotten

Inside was souvenir store and snacks

Here is the Equinox getting washed

And getting toweled

Stopped at Big Box. It was well stocked but seemed expensive.

Started looking for a place to eat. Decided on Chili’s

Cathy had a salad

And chicken avocado sandwich

I had chili

And chips and salsa

Service was great and food was good.

We stopped at Beall’s Outlet and Ross.

They called at 1:45PM and said the RV was ready. We stopped at Foothills 99 Cent Only and Dollar Tree.

We stopped to get the motorhome. They have a nice pergola for breaks

The owner had a pickup that was wrapped rather than painted

Both of those in the picture were wrapped

Cathy paid and we took off. Cathy drove the Equinox back to Imperial dam.

Cathy asked a couple of women about child abductions. There were 5 recently, 4 girls and 1 boy in middle school. All were born in the US but live in Mexico and go to school in the US.

Cathy made chicken salad sandwiches from the rotisserie chicken for dinner.

Watched NCIS, FBI and NCIS New Orleans.

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