NASCAR Atlanta 500 and Oscars Sunday 2-24-19

Mostly sunny today. Low last night 43F and high today 66F. Supposed to be 72F tomorrow.

Watched Fox News then made coffee and bagels.

Played ball with Joy and took her for a walk.

Watched the NASCAR Cup Atlanta 500. Brad Keselowski won. He had been sick with flu.

Stopped in Bard for mail. Then went to Sam’s Club, then Harbor Freight. Then the Walmart in Foothills on 32nd. Saw an unusual looking man in a big sombrero next to car with this license plate

When I got inside I found Cathy talking to him. He and his wife are from Rugby. Had to wait in line over one half hour because I was buying wine and couldn’t use Self Checkout.

Nice sunset at Walmart

Went to 99 Cent Only on Fortuna Road. Still didn’t have Maui Onion Potato Chips.

Drove back listening to the Grand Ole Opry on Willie’s Roadhouse.

Had rotisserie chicken and coleslaw for dinner.

Watched the Oscars on TV.

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