Oil Change at Fisher Chevrolet Thursday 2-28-19

Another beautiful day, clear and sunny. Overnight low 55F and high today 82F.

Usual coffee and bagel for breakfast. Watched GMA.

Played ball with Joy.

Made chicken salad sandwich for lunch.

Went into Yuma for 2:00PM oil change appointment. Stopped for Mail at Bard. Heinz got us right in. Shortly after starting on it the mechanic brought us the Cabin Air Filter. Said it needed replacing for $52.

Told them to change it. Went into show room to see if they had a 2019 Equinox, they didn’t. Had a nice conversation with Mike. The car was done in a half hour. Total cost was $55.87. No charge for oil change.

Went to Sam’s Club to get cinnamon raisin bread. Had hot dog, soft drink and large yogurt for $2.49

Went to Harbor Freight for security chain and 99 Cent Only to check for Sweet Maui Potato Chips. Still don’t have them.

Stopped at Fry’s to fill with diesel


Went to Albertson’s on 24th St, across from Walmart. Nice store

Got butter for $2.49/lb. Nice potato salad for $3.79/lb. 12oz Peets coffee for $5.99

Drove back to Imperial Dam. Played ball with Joy.

Watched Big Bang Theory, Mom, Young Sheldon, FAM and SWAT.

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