Quiet Day at Ocotillo Flats Tuesday 2-19-19

Cool morning, 42F. Furnace came on several times overnight. Got up to 62F in the afternoon.

Got up made coffee and toasted bagels. Walked Joy.

About 10 days ago, Cathy contacted Medtronics about an Internet Accessory so her Pacemaker-Defibrillator Monitor could communicate over Internet instead of AT&T cellular. They said they would ship it right out. Cathy gave them the Christian Service Center address. Cathy went over to get it, but it wasn’t there. She called Medtronics and there wasn’t any record of an order. They said they would send it out next day and to call Wednesday morning for a Tracking Number.

Joy and I played ball until she decided to end it by running with the ball for the motorhome door.

Cathy called for some quotes on slide toppers. Shade Pro is coming Friday or Saturday to install them.

Joy and I went for a long walk. We climbed a hill near the camp site. We had a good view of our motorhome, it is on the left

We stopped to talk to the man where Andy and then Alan parked. He has a complete weather station including an nanometer. The strongest wind he has recorded is 40mph.

We walked down Ferguson Road

The gulleys are interesting

On the way back I could see Fat Albert, but it was too small to get a picture of. It is a tethered aerostat for surveillance

Fat Albert Aerostat

Watched news on TV and played ball with Joy again.

We had Creamy Chicken Rigatoni with Broccoli and fresh Asparagus from 99 Cent Only

It was a frozen dinner

I had Chianti and Italian toast with the dinner.

Finished the night watching NCIS, FBI and NCIS New Orleans.

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