Shopping in Yuma Thursday 2-21-19

Warmer over night, low 49F and high today 58F. The average for this date is 77F. It started raining at 8:15AM and continued off and on all day.

Watched the Jussie Smollett press conference and GMA.

Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Cathy went over to the Christian Service Center to get the Medtronics Internet Accessory. There were two packages, one UPS and one FedEx.

Around 1:00PM we headed into Yuma via JPG. There was a fire last week between Mittry Lake and the YPG road, flared up several times after we got here

They are still working on the bridges

One way traffic

Stopped at the Fortuna 99 Cent Only store

Then stopped at Wally’s World to get some parts for Equinox charging line

Went on to Specialty Sewing Senter. They gave us a good quote for slide toppers. We will take the motorhome in to them on Tuesday for installation.

Stopped next at the B ave Walmart. It has a covered parking area

Went next to 99 Cent Only and Harbor Freight on 4th ave and 16th St.

Stopped at Bard post office on way back

It has a nice lobby

and box area

Cathy made dinner. Frozen dinners from 99 Cent Only and salad. I finished the Chianti

We watched the Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, Mom, Fam and Law and Order SVU.

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