43rd Anniversary Tuesday 3-26-19

Nice sunny morning. Overnight low 54F and high 76F.

Usual coffee and bagel. Watched Fox News.

Made calls about slide out problem. Haven’t heard from HWH yet. Got a different technician at Winnebago. He had a procedure to remove cylinder. He sent some drawings. I forwarded them to the mobile RV mechanic.

Carrol and Roxanne went into Fort Worth to the doctor. Carrol’s congestion diagnosed as allergies and possible virus.

Checked out what Winnebago tech told me. Looks doable. I still need more info from HWH about the cylinder.

About 3:30PM played ball with Joy.

She takes time outs under the motor home

At 5:15PM we went to Bowie for anniversary dinner. There is the Largest Bowie Knife on US-81

It is 14′ 5″ long

We went to downtown Bowie to look for a place to eat

The north side of the main street has a raised sidewalk and stairs from street parking

Checked out The Rack, pool hall and pub and decided against it. It was tournament night.

We picked Bela’s on East Wise Street

It was comfortable

We both had the Pasta Sampler

We both enjoyed it

Bela’s is owned by a Korean man named Kim. We told him it was our anniversary and asked him to take our picture

He brought us Tiramisu to share for our anniversary

Went to Walmart and picked up family size Stouffer’s lasagna to have with Carrol and Roxanne tomorrow

Found our way back to motorhome and Watched FBI and NCIS New Orleans

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