Bowie and Decatur Friday 3-22-19

Another nice day, overcast changing to sunny through the day. 40F overnight and 75F today.

Usual coffee and bagels. Made La Llave coffee, Cathy and I both like it.

La Llave Espresso

Watched Fox News. Played ball with Joy. Carrol stopped on his way back from getting mail. Joy likes the Gator they use on the ranch.

Called in my prescription for Metoprolol to Bowie Walmart pharmacy.

Roxanne came down on the Gator and talked with Cathy sitting at our outside table. They decided we should go to Bowie Walmart at 2:00PM.

Watched TV and played ball with Joy.

At 2:00PM Roxanne stopped by in pickup and took us to Bowie.

Walmart is right off US-287

It is a nice Super Center

With a Murphy Gas that sells diesel

Picked up prescription, wine, beer, chips and cookies. Got a 6 pack of Revolver Blood and Honey. Very tasty beer.

It is brewed in Granbury, TX

Roxanne and Carrol picked us up and we went to Decatur, about 20 miles south for dinner. We ate at Casa Torres

I had a Victoria beer

And beef tacos

Cathy had Shrimp Poblano and shared two with me and one with Carrol

When we got back, I called my brother Pat. He told me the NDSU vs. Duke game was on CBS. We went up to Carrol and Roxanne’s and watched the second half. NDSU lost 85 to 62. Still impressive they were in tournament. It was a 4 point game at half time. Second half started with Duke making a 9 to 0 run.

Cathy bought Carmel Pecan ice cream. All but Joy had a dish. Joy loves it here.

Went back and watched Fox News and Gold Rush.

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