Bowie, TX Wednesday 3-20-19

Nice sunny day. Windy & cool. Overnight low was 43F. High today 69F.

Made coffee and bagels.

Checked road conditions in Nebraska. Will take US-81 to Yankton, SD.

Played ball with Joy.

Joy & Cathy went up to the house.

I did some reading. I am just finishing a book, “Foolish Odessey” by Neil Hawkesford. About building a 38′ catamaran by himself.

About 12:30PM Cathy called and said they were headed to Walmart in Bowie. Bowie is pronounced booie. They dropped Joy off and picked me up. I bought a 1.75l bottle of Liberty Creek Cabernet Sauvignon for $5.95 and a 6 pack of Hopadillo IPA made in Houston.

Went back to motorhome and played ball with Joy.

About 4:00PM went up to the house. It is a very nice house built 14 years ago

Carrol built a windmill

They have a turkey feeder

And a peach tree

There is a small tank behind the house

Joy and I played ball on back side of house

Went in for wine and dinner. Dinner was left overs. Brisket, beans, hot dish and potato salad. Both Carrol & Roxanne swear we stayed at the Sunset RV Park. Neither Cathy nor I remember it.

Watched Fox News.

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