Catastrophic Day Thursday 3-21-19

Nice sunny morning. Down to freezing last night and mid 70’s today.

Made coffee and bagel. Got every thing packed up and ready too go. Pulled in the bedroom slide. Then pushed the switch for living room slide. Nothing. Checked the fuses, all good. Checked the battery connection on solenoid by removing nut and all good. Put cables back and tightened the nut, the stud broke out of solenoid. Got out the books and tried the manual method. You turn a threaded rod on each end to pull it in. The hex head on end of rod broke off. Called the manufacturer, HWH in Moscow, IA. Told me about two solenoids I didn’t see.

Will need a mobile mechanic to help. Called three, one might be able to come on Monday. All were named Mike.

Went to Leeper Creek BBQ for take out. Got sausage links, pulled pork, ham, ribs and smoked chicken.

Ate with left over potato salad and cole slaw. Carrol brought out a bottle of wine.

Watched Las Vegas Flip.

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