Deer & Turkeys Saturday 3-23-19

Cloudy this morning. Overnight low 61F and high today 74F. We had hard rain at about 10:00AM for about 2 minutes. About 2:00PM we had light sprinkles.

Made Peets coffee and toasted a bagel. Watched Fox News.

Joy and Cathy saw some turkeys walk by in the morning.

The Xfinity race from Martinsville was on OTA Fox. I was able to get 4.1 FOX from Fort Worth. Was great until 25 laps to go. Had to switch to my phone. Kyle Busch won the first stage and the race, his 201.

Joy and I walked over to the big tank

Cathy took our clothes down to the house to wash.

Joy and I walked down to the house at 5:00PM

We passed the windmill

And the turkey feeder

Watched James Bond Casino Royale.

Carrol had opened a bottle of Apothic Red Blend.

Apothic Red Blend

I really enjoyed it. It is a blend of four red wines. Zinfandel, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Apothic Red Blend

I had a pulled pork sandwich on Multigrain Ciabata, potato salad and fruit salad. The pulled pork from Leeper Creek BBQ

During dinner some turkeys showed up

And some deer

We watched Minnesota vs. Michigan State basketball game Michigan State won 70 to 50.

Went back to motorhome and watched Fox News.

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