Disappointment Monday 3-25-10

Beautiful sunny day. Overnight low was 47F and high today was 70F.

Bought a new coffee at Walmart yesterday, Lavazza.

Made it and toasted the David’s bagel I got at Walmart. $1.54 compared to the 99 cents in Arizona.

Got text from Mobile RV Mechanic. He got here at 10:15AM. Very competent mechanic, however, after 3 1/2 hrs, we hadn’t made any progress.

Finally played ball with Joy at 4:00PM.

At 6:00PM drove up to house for dinner. Cathy and Joy walked up earlier.

Carrol and Roxanne have two beautiful Red Bud trees

We had rotisserie chicken and spinach salad for dinner with a glass of Riesling. French Silk Pie and Raspberry Brownie ice cream

Cathy and I helped Roxanne fix her washer agitator which had come apart.

Deer in the back yard tonight

Watched Criminal Minds, the news and Fox News.

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