Helped Neighbor Saturday 3-9-19

Mostly sunny day. Overnight low 46F and high today 67F. Very little wind.

Usual coffee and bagel for breakfast.

Took Joy for a walk and ended up helping neighbor with 5th wheel reinstall his awning fabric

We got it all in

There still seems to be a problem with the rafter arm. It is an electric awning.

Played ball with Joy

Drove into Yuma, stopping to dropoff garbage at Quail Hill and post office in Bard.

First stop was to wash Equinox

Then Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree was busy.

On the way to Walmart on 32nd St we drove past the air show at the airport. Saw several old military planes in the air.

Picked up a few things at Walmart then went on to Fortuna 99 Cent Only.

Listened to Phoenix Xfinity NASCAR race on XM Radio while in car.

When we got back to motorhome I played ball with Joy. Then made hamburgers on Blackstone griddle.

Had sauteed onions with mushrooms and avocado slices on Kaiser bun

Watched 48 Hours

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