Last Trip to Yuma Wednesday 3-13-19

Day was nice and sunny but windy. Overnight low was 49F and high today was 73F. Winds gusting to 40mph.

Made coffee and toasted bagel. Joy was slow to get up this morning.

We had a visitor this morning, an egret

Took Joy for a walk. We saw Dick, Kendra and Buddy out walking. Met up with them. They had found a blooming cactus by their RV

Came back to the motorhome and played ball.

Joy and I walked up on hill to take some final pictures. This is where we are camped at Ocotillo Flats. We are upper left.

About 2:00PM we made our last trip to Yuma. I wanted some parts for Equinox charge line. Stopped at Wally’s World. Thought it was too expensive. Then stopped and bought at RV Connection, almost half the price.

Then stopped at Pacific Walmart. Dog treats, rootbeer, deviled egg potato salad and chicken salad.

Then a stop at 99 Cent Only for cookies and other snacks

Then Harbor Freight for split loom

Then gas for Honda generator at Circle K

Then out S24 to Bard for last mail check. There was a beautiful sunset at the post office

Got back to the motorhome and played ball with Joy.

Had salami and chicken on Kaiser roll sandwiches with potato salad for dinner.

Watched Chicago Med, House Hunters and Whyskey Cavalier.

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