Made it to Sunset, TX Monday 3-18-19

Left Sam’s Club at 8:45AM after making coffee and eating Krispy Kreme. We had a neighbor overnight. It got down to 38F overnight.

Took 20 minutes to get to I-20. Texas has strange Interstate ramps, some are bi-directional with short merging lanes

Stopped at Rest Area to walk a bit.

Stopped just short of Abilene at Flying J. Gas was $2.209. No propane

But an address where to find it

A lot of traffic and construction

Stopped again at an interesting Rest Stop

It Had rain water collecting roofs

And displays inside

Were trying to by-pass Fort Worth by taking a local road FM51, turned the wrong way we thought and had to drive 5 miles before we could turn around in a church parking lot

Then into traffic and confusion in Weatherford.

Found our way back to I-20 and then US-287

Carrol and Roxanne met us in Alvord and guided us to their place

We are now parked by their shop

Had dinner and conversation at their house

Watched Fox News

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