More Dumping Tuesday 3-12-19

Woke to clouds, but no rain. Forecast said rain until 1:00PM, but we had partly sunny. Batteries were charged by noon. Overnight low 54F and high today was 68F. Yuma had heavy rain.

Walked Joy and made coffee and toasted bagel. The Dollar Tree Cinnamon and Raisin bagels aren’t as good as those from 99 Cent Only.

Played ball with Joy in case it would rain.

Took Joy on a long walk. Stopped at Dick and Kendra’s. Buddy wanted to play, but Joy just ignored him. Mentioned I had to haul black water and offered to loan the “Blue Boy” portable waste container to them.

I went back to motorhome to haul black water. It started to sprinkle, so I put it off.

Dick called and asked if he could watch to see how to haul the waste water. I told him to come over. We dumped and hauled our black water. I suggested we do theirs. We proceeded to dump and haul their black and gray water. Dick was a quick learner

Here is Dick hooking up to their trailer

And here he is dumping

Dumping portable waste tank video

On trip up to the dump we saw a pickup on edge of road. They were taking a picture of a blooming cactus

Played ball again with Joy

It was a beautiful evening.

Made tacos for dinner

Watched NCIS, FBI and NCIS New Orleans

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