Morning Excitement Tuesday 3-5-19

Another perfect day. Made coffee and toasted bagel. Had Cafe Bustelo coffee

Put the awning out to keep the motorhome cooler.

At 10:40AM I heard a siren. Went outside just as a fire truck was heading west on Ferguson Road. It was soon followed by another fire dept vehicle, then an ambulance

And an ambulance

And the person sent to guide the first responders in a Toyota

Two more fire trucks

Looked to west and saw smoke on Coyote Ridge

Also a helicopter

Across the road they lined up to watch

About an hour later they all went by going east.

The Imperial County fire truck pulled unto the Christian Service Center

I think all except the Imperial County truck came from YPG

Took Joy for a walk up on hill.

Ate the half sandwich I saved from last night.

Played ball with Joy. Cathy, Joy and I sat outside in the shade.

About 4:00PM we drove up to Coyote Ridge. We found the burned motorhome

Nice view of where we are parked from up here

Cathy prepared frozen dinners & broccoli for dinner

Watched NCIS and two episodes of FBI

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