Motor Ordered Thursday 3-28-19

Partly sunny and windy. Overnight low 60F and high today 73F.

Usual coffee and bagel.

Watched Fox News

Called Stuart’s Service and got the HWH Hydraulics Motor ordered. $220, Solenoid $34.35 and 2nd Day UPS $60.15. It will be here Monday. Asked Mobile RV Mechanic to schedule us for Tuesday. He said he would check his schedule. Hasn’t confirmed yet.

At 2:00PM Cathy and I went to Decatur. Stopped at Walmart for groceries. Got a 1.75l bottle of Oak Leaf Merlot for $5.86.

Stopped at Dollar tree for cookies and bagels.

When we got back to motorhome the turkeys were strolling by

I took some things down to the house and on the way back the turkeys were just getting to the feeder

Went back to the house at 5:30PM for dinner. We had left over BBQ, salad and corn on the cobb

The deer were playing behind the house

Watched Dr Pol for an hour. Went back to motorhome and watched House Hunters and Oregon vs. Virginia game. Virginia won 53 to 49.

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