Service the Motorhome Wednesday 3-27-19

Sunny, cool morning. Woke up to furnace coming on. Got down to 49F overnight, but warmed up to 79F this afternoon. Windy all day.

Found Folger’s Black Gold at Walmart yesterday at a good price.

Made it and toasted a bagel

Talked to HWH Technical Sales Rep. He said I just need to replace motor. He told me where to buy it, Stuart’s Service in Elkhart, IN. I called and got a message about hours. I was 10 minutes late. Left a message and will call in morning.

We’ve been here long enough to have to dump the black water tank. Got the portable tank out and filled it. Carrol came with the Gator and we loaded it up

Then took it up to the RV site and dumped it

Then drove down to house to get water

I pumped the water into motorhome using the Equinox battery and 12 volt pump.

Cathy and Joy went down to the house to start dinner.

At 6:00PM I walked down to the house.

We had lasagna and tossed salad with garlic bread and Cabernet Sauvignon

Roxanne made pecan pie for our anniversary. Had pecan pie and pistachio ice cream for dessert

Went back to motorhome and watched Hannity talking to President Trump and NCIS LA

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