Slow Day Wednesday 3-6-19

Another nice day. Sunny, nice breeze. Low overnight was 60F and high today was 85F.

Usual breakfast of coffee and bagel.

Took Joy on a long walk on the other side of Ferguson Road. Met a couple, Dick and Kendra from Burnesville, Mn. They have been out here since November. They were in Quartzsite for 3 months before coming here. They said that they heard the owners of the motorhome that burned, weren’t here when it caught fire. They are in a 19′ Express travel trailer.

Made a chicken and salami on Italian bread sandwich and macaroni salad for lunch.

Played ball with Joy.

I ordered some wire for a charge line for the Equinox and I got a message that it was at the post office in Bard.

Went to post office then into Yuma to Walmart, Harbor Freight and 99 Cent Only Store.

Got some Jelly Belly seconds called Belly Flops at 99 Cent Only

Got back to motorhome and started Blackstone griddle. Made potatoes, link sausage and scrambled eggs.

Watched Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Whiskey Cavalier.

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