Staying Another Day Tuesday 3-19-19

Nice sunny day. Low overnight 46F and high today was 70F.

Had coffee and bagel. Took Joy for a walk.

Cathy and Joy walked up to Carrol & Roxanne’s house.

I cleaned up the motorhome. Then started looking at road closures on our route back to Buxton. It looked problematic in Nebraska.

Our friends Jim and Betty offered to let us spend the night at their house in Edmund, OK. It is a bit a half day drive from Sunset, TX. Talked to and emailed with Jim. Decided to stay here one more day. This should help as most roads were reopening tonight in Nebraska.

Joined everyone at the house. Enjoyed wine, cheese, salami and crackers with Carrol.

Cathy went back to motorhome with Joy. Later I returned to motorhome and played ball with Joy.

We returned to the house for dinner. BBQ brisket, beans, potato salad and wine. We finished with ice cream cake for dessert.

Went back to motorhome at 10:00PM. Watched House Hunters International and House Hunters. Locations were Budapest and Minneapolis.

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