Wake Up Surprise Thursday 3-7-19

Mostly sunny today, overcast at times. Low overnight was 55F. High today 78F. Mostly calm during day, but 26mph gusting over 30mph after dark.

Was awakened by a lot of vehicles just outside, opened door to this

Evidently Ocotillo Flats was the start of an ATV trail ride

None of the vehicles had permits, they soon had this on their windshields

Made the usual coffee and bagel breakfast.

Chores today were emptying black and grey tanks and filling fresh water

Dumped the black water

Then took it up to the dump station

Then filled the fresh water

Using this pump

Those were $29.95 at Harbor Freight, but are no longer available. The replacement is $45.

Talked Cathy into going over to meet Dick and Kendra. As we started across the road the ATV’s returned

ATVs Returning Video

Dick and Kendra found a site with a flower garden. It was made by people from Alberta that left the morning Dick & Kendra got there. They are maintaining and adding to it.

And humming birds

They also have what look like humming birds but are actually a type of month.

Went back across road and made hot dogs and beans for dinner

Played ball with Joy

Watched the Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, Mom, FAM and For the People.

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