We Didn’t Lose an Hour Sunday 3-10-19

A nice morning. Sunny and clear. No wind. Overnight low was 46F. High today was 68F.

Arizona doesn’t change to Day Light Savings Time. Makes it really confusing. We have 2 times during the winter, Arizona Time and California Time. Now they are the same.

Joy got up early and wanted to go out. She was interested in bugs.

Made coffee and toasted a bagel. Watched Meet the Press and Fox News.

Cathy was late getting up, so made a second pot of coffee with inverter.

Took Joy for a long walk along Ferguson Road. Saw some tiny bees working on the flowers.

Got the wire for the Equinox charge line measured and in the split loom.

Played ball with Joy.

Watched the Phoenix NASCAR race on Fox 9.2 OTA. Kyle Busch won. He also won the Xfinity race yesterday. With about 25 laps to go, Dick, Kendra and Buddy came by. I took Joy out to see Buddy and went back in to watch end of race.

After race I crawled under motorhome to install charge line. Not much fun pulling 30′ of wire under there

Had peanut butter and marmalade sandwiches with coleslaw for dinner.

Watched 60 Minutes, Mediterranean Life, Caribbean Life and Ice Road Truckers.

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