Windy Thursday 3-14-19

Nice sunny morning but windy. Overnight low 54F. High today 68F.

Took Joy out. She had trouble peeing it was so windy.

Made coffee and toasted last bagel from Dollar Tree. Made the new coffee we got at Walmart yesterday, Cafe La Llave

I like it, it is a lot like Cafe Bustelo

Sorted things out and raised bed to store extra bedding.

Checked weather on Weather Underground

We were running low on water, so went up to mesa and got 10 gallons. Pumped it into motorhome and turned on water heater.

Took Joy for a walk.

This is what Ocotillo Flats looks like from road

And across the road

Finished the charge line on the motorhome by adding the ground line.

Worked on the Equinox end of the charge line. Found out there isn’t an easy way to get to battery from grill. Decided to use 14 gauge speaker wire and run over top of grill. Couldn’t find a 14 gauge 1/4″ ring crimp connector. Decided to go in to Yuma and get them.

Went to Harbor Freight, one of the assortments had them.

Decided to get something to eat at Sam’s Club. Had a slice of pepperoni pizza and drink for $2.49.

Tried to get a loaf of Oregon Cinnamon Raisin bread, but they were out. The Yuma Palms Shopping Center was a pretty picture as we left.

We went in on S24 through Bard, but I didn’t want to drive that road in the dark so went back on US-95 and YPG. We had a green light last time we went that way, red light tonight

Decided to finish charge line in the morning

Watched Young Sheldon, FAM and Law and Order SVU

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