Almost Kansas Wednesday 4-3-19

Overcast and windy morning. Only got down to 51F overnight. 63F today in Sunset.

Made coffee and before I toasted a bagel, Carroll showed up with the Gator. He helped me dump tanks and fill water

Put everything away ready to leave. Played ball with Joy. Went down to house to say goof-bye.

Carroll opened the gate for us and we left at 1:45PM

Went out on CR 2898

It’s a beautiful drive to US-287. Took US-287 to Wichita Falls. Wanted to stop at Wichita Falls Flying-J, but couldn’t see how to get to it. Took I-44 to Oklahoma City. Stopped at Flying J and got gas

7 mpg on last tank

And propane

19 gal of propane at $3.29/gal

Took I-35 to Blackwell exit. Parked overnight at Braum’s.

Went in to eat

I had chili and Cathy a large cone

Will get at least one more meal from the chili

Watched Hart to Hart

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