Hastings Thursday 5-23-19

Spent the night at Waverly, IA Walmart parked next to a refer whose unit ran about 45 minutes out of every hour.

Weather prediction was for 11 mph, was actually gusting much higher.

Left Waverly at 9:00 AM. Took US-63. It started out as a nice 4 Lane divided highway. The last 60 miles or so in Iowa were some of the worst I’ve ever been on. Turned decent again in MN.

Got on US-52 at Rochester. Got to daughter Alison’s house at 1:30 PM.

Went see my best friend since the second grade, Gary and his wife Inez in River Falls, WI. Had a nice talk and great apple pie.

Got back to Hastings and visited with family. Joy played with Duke and Nala the dog and cat and Alison’s niece and nephew. Sean gave me a Two Heart beer.

Son in law Jimmy ordered in delicious Chinese food.

Talked more after dinner and went to bed about mid night.

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