Hastings to Cold Spring Friday 5-24-19

Left Alison’s at 11:00 AM. Overcast and cool, sprinkling a little

Drove up US-61 to US-10/I-94, I-35 and I-694 to Maple Grove. At first traffic was moderate and drivers were considerate

Then got into high traffic with construction and drivers wouldn’t let you change lanes

Stopped at Trader Joe’s

Got quite a few things including a pot of nice Basil plants, beer and Chianti

Getting onto I-94 from I-694 we ran into a traffic bottle neck

25 mph until St Michael exit

Drove into St Cloud and met my son Jay at Best Buy to shop for new laptop. He ended up buying an HP 2 in 1 for $699 at Office Depot.

Drove to Jay’s house in Cold Spring

Joy likes pool life

And relaxing at pool side

While brother Jay cleans pool with pool robot

Becky made delicious lasagna and garlic bread for dinner

After dinner we drove to their place on Big Fish lake

Had a local Third Street Brew House Minnesota Gold beer

The lake was calm and beautiful

Jay took us to neighbor’s lake side bar made out of old boat house

Nice outside patio and beautiful interior

Finished my beer and sampled his home made Rootbeer Schnappps

Drove back to motorhome at 10:15 PM

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