Went Back to Buxton Wednesday 6-19-19

After spending the night parked in front of my sister’s house in Bismarck, we decided to go back to Buxton

We stopped at my sister’s shake and tea nutrition store on the NE side of Bismarck in a new shopping center

Cathy and I each enjoyed a shake and Cathy also had tea

We said good bye to my sister Judy and headed out

We stopped at truck stop in Steele.

Prices we’re good, but could only pump $50 at a time to get Fuel Rewards 3 cent/gal discount. Got tired of that after 3 times and 60 gallons.

Price with discount $2.469

This truck stop is now a Travel America

Next stopped at Oriska Rest Stop to walk Joy

It is in the center median of I-94

Stopped in Fargo to fill up at Mill’s Fleet Farm

Gas was $2.449

Bought some nuts and jelly beans to get the 4 cent/gal discount for final cost of $2.409/gal.

Got home at about $8:30 PM.

Cathy heated up the Ravioli take home from Olive Garden and made a salad.