WIT Campout in New Rockford Thursday 8-8-19

We started the day by Donna, Cathy & me making breakfast for everyone. We bought hash browns in Grand Forks, but I forgot to put them in the motorhome freezer. Had to go to Miller’s Super Market and get some. We had sausage, eggs and hash browns. Helen made grits. Colleen brought scones from Ada, Doris brought zucchini bread, Myron brought fruit.

They opened up the buildings do we could see the old tractors

And steam engines

We had an appointment to tour Eddy County Museum at 1 PM. We went to wrong Museum at west end of fairgrounds.

Used Google Maps to find right location

Part of the location was in Stravanger Lutheran Church

Cathy & I have Nye Stavanger Lutheran Church behind our house in Buxton

They had a taxidermy exhibit with a two headed calf

There was a medical office exhibit

The mayor of New Rockford, Calvin Packard was our guide

They also had a rural school house and depot building

We drove around town and looked at the two other RV Parks, either would have been too small for us

We stopped at bakery to put in order for tomorrow

Went back for Happy Hour

Joy got in a lot of ball playing with several playing with her

Then Donna and Cathy put out dinner. Pork loin, corn, beans from Gloria, coleslaw from Doris, broccoli salad from Colleen, potato salad from Helen, brownie dessert from Gloria, water melon from Myron and ice cream novelties from Mark.

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