Friday 9-13-19 East Ashtabula Crossing to Hastings

It continued to rain over night. When I went out at 9:00 AM, just about everyone was gone

Talked to Joyce and Myron and got ready to leave

Left campground at 10:30 AM. Went down. Hwy 21 to Hwy 6 to Hwy 32 and then I-94 to Fargo.

Stopped at Mills Fleet Farm for gas. Willie and Gerry were also there. They were on their way to the Grape Stomp in Alexandria.

Went into store for candy and nuts for 4 cent/gal discount on gas

It took 70 gallons.

Got two free bags of fresh popcorn

Got out of Fargo at noon.

Stopped at Rest Area west of Alexandria. Truck next to us had two Border Collies

Drove on to Hastings and got there at 6:15 PM. Parked in front of Alison and Jim’s house. Alison was out getting things for Riley’s shower tomorrow.

Jim had to go to bed at 8:00 PM because he has to go into work early to fix damage done by water main break by their switch gear.

Joy played with the kids and Nala, Sean’s cat. Joy was excited to see Alison when she got home at 9:00 PM. She had to work late because of a patient emergency at the clinic.

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