Monday 9-16-19 Cold Spring to Buxton

Spent the night at Jay and Becky’s.

Joy was worn out after three days with all of her family, humans, dogs and cats.

Was warm overnight and 77 F when we left at 11:30 AM. Jay didn’t have to be to work until noon, so were able to spend some time with him. He was setting up Savannah and Anya’s new laptop computers.

Drove from Cold Spring to Avon and then west on I-94.

We stopped in Alexandria at ALDI.

It is a convenient stop. They have a system to get the carts returned. You have to insert a quarter to take a cart.

You get the quarter back when you return the cart.

We picked up a lot good things including salami, pasta, vegetables, yogurt, chips and candy.

It is an easy drive over to Mills Fleet Farm

Bought a burger press that does regular burgers, stuffed burgers and sliders. Always make purchase in store to get four cent per gallon discount on gas

$2.419 after discount inside station

It took 56 gallons. We made 7.62 mpg on that tank.

Headed west on I-94 to Fargo. Turned north onto I-29. Stopped at Stamart to dump, but somebody was hogging the dump. After waiting awhile decided to dump at home. It was 89 F in Fargo.

Got home at 5:45 PM. It was 84 F and very humid.

Made mini pizzas we bought at ALDI

They were very tasty and the crust was like what we had in Italy

After dinner, Joy and I went across the street to watch American Ninja Warrior with Larry and Princess. Drew Drechsel won the Million Dollars, first winner in four years.

Will have to dump the tanks and now the lawn tomorrow.

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