Saturday 9-14-19 Shower for Riley

The reason for going to Hastings was for our grandson Andrew’ fiance Riley’s wedding shower.We slept in late. Cathy showered and went to the shower at 1:00 PM.Andrew picked me up and we went lunch at Philanders Grill and Bar. We each had a tall Spotted Cow and a hamburgerWe then went to St Croix Liquor to buy Spotted CowIt is only available in Wisconsin and lots of Minnesotans flock to Wisconsin to buy it.When we got back to Jim and Alison’s, Jim was home from work. He suggested that we go for a boat ride.We to the marina in downtown HastingsWe got on the boat and Jim started the engines. The starboard engine wouldn’t turn over. Jim had to tap the starter solenoid to get it goingWe headed out in the Mississippi to the St Croix. We went under the new highway bridgePast some bargesUnder the draw bridges into the clean waters of the St CroixWe saw a lot nice swimming beaches and expensive housesWhen we got back home, we ent to eat Wiederholts Supper Club in Miesville, MN. This was the second Supper Club this weekThey have been in business for over 70 years.I had Ham Steak off of the light eaters section of the menuIt was a huge piece of ham with pineapple on top. I brought most of it home.We went back to Alison and Jim’s and had coffee and talked.

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