Sunday 9-15-19 Hastings to Cold Spring

Was warm over night. Woke up to a nice sunny day parked at Alison and Jim’s.

After breakfast of bacon and eggs and visiting with Tony, Melissa and Bridgett, we headed out to Cold Spring at noon.

We went up US-61 to I-494 to I-35 to I-694 to I-94.

We stopped at Fuller Lake Rest Area north of Clear Lake

We turned off I-94 at MN-23 and headed west. We stopped at Jay and Becky’s in Cold Spring. We got there at 3:00 PM.

We found Bubbles the cat taking care of the place and greeting us

They were all at their lake place on Big Fish Lake. We drove out to the lake.

It was a perfect day at the lake, 79 F and nice breeze. We just watched the dogs playing.

Jersey had been fishing for the last four hours

We had chicken, pasta salad and hamburger sliders

Jay took Cathy, Joy and me for a ride on the pontoon boat. We saw some nice houses.

Joy really took to riding on a boat

We saw a beautiful sunset on the lake

We docked in the dark. There was a very nice campfire

Went back to Jay and Becky’s. We watched the movie “Miami Vice” and talked

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