Heading to Andrew’s Wedding Thursday 10-31-19

David, Cathy and I are heading to Hastings, MN for our grandson Andrew’s wedding.We are taking David’s van. Picked David up at 10:00 AM and drove back to Buxton to load up.First the bed

Then the Hoyer lift

Then the mattress

then the suit cases

Then the ramp and laptops

We finally left Buxton at 12:50 PM

We had hardly started when Joy said she had to pee or poop. Stopped at Stamart, now Flying J, in Fargo. She peed and pooped and we filled with gas.

Drove on to Alexandria. Stopped at Holiday for coffee and cookies. Cathy was to drive to Avon. When I went to drink my Cappuccino, the cup collapsed and all came out.

Cathy drove to Avon rest stop. I took over again and we got to Alison’s at 6:45 PM. Dropped off Joy and drove to Nichol’s Inn. Jim and Sean came and helped us unload and set up.

They took one bed out to make room for David’s bed

Got everything thing setup and went to Walmart for a few things. Stopped at McDonald’s for dinner, chicken nuggets and strips.