Sunday 11-3-19 Saying Good Bye and Home to Buxton & Grand Forks

Took advantage of time change for an extra hour of sleep. Got David dressed & in his chair and down to lobby for breakfast. David had an omelette and a waffle.

We sat around talking

Just before 11:00 AM checkout time we gathered for a picture. Jeanne’s friend Susan took the picture

We said our goodbyes and headed to Alison’s house to pickup Joy.

We headed out of Hastings on US-61 at Noon.

After getting on I-694 we stopped at Trader Joe’s in Maple Grove

It was busy. Got some Apple Cider Donuts

Also got Baby Arugala and Romaine Lettuce, Cinnamon Spread and 2 bottles of Chianti wine.

Headed out on I-94 for North Dakota.

Stopped at Bush Creek Rest Area

Next stop was Aldi’s in Alexandria

Picked up 1/2 gal of milk for $1.14, green onions and corn chips.

Got to Buxton at 6:00 PM. Unloaded everything but David.

Headed out for David’s apartment. Stopped at Wendy’s to get David a Cheese Burger Jr and fries.

After dropping David off, Cathy and I stopped at Wendy’s on way home. I had chili and Cathy had a chicken wrap.