Monday 12-23-19 Saying Goodbye to Kathryn, Erik and Alessandra

We got going early and got the motorhome ready to go. Unlocked the chain Drove the Equinox down into the lot and put tow bar on Maneuvered the motorhome around and hooked up the Equinox Drove out onto 5th Street and locked the chain Drove over to the Olson’s and parked in front of their […]

Saturday 12-21-19 Rainbow Basin & Sawtooth Canyon

Left Kathryn & Erik’s a little after 10:00AM. We followed the Olsen’s to Rainbow Basin. Once we got off the asphalt it was washboard, but otherwise decent. It is very interesting from a geology and paleontology perspective We climbed around for awhile And posed for some pictures We finished the loop drive through some close […]