Finally leaving for the SW Thursday 12-12-19

Shoveled snow this morning. Loaded the Equinox and then moved all the food into the motorhome. Finished loading about 3:40 PM. Checked the sump pump. I pulled the plug on it. Terry is going to check the level in the morning

Moved the Equinox out of the garage and the Cherokee into the garage.

Larry helped me hook up the Equinox.

Took a shower and we headed out of Buxton at 5:45 PM.

Stopped at Fleet Farm in Fargo for gas

It took about 52.45 gal

Headed south on I-29. Cathy called the casinos to see if they had overnight parking with electric hookup. Neither did. Decided to stop at Stone’s Tesoro Truck Stop in Watertown, 145 mi from Fargo and about 200 mi from Buxton.

Got to Watertown at 10:00 PM. Started the Equinox and went into truck stop. It is real nice with a hotel and restaurant.

Stone’s Truck Stop

Started generator and furnace. It is 14 F outside. Will try to leave about 6:00 AM. Will head down US-81 into Nebraska.

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