Monday 12-23-19 Saying Goodbye to Kathryn, Erik and Alessandra

We got going early and got the motorhome ready to go. Unlocked the chain

Drove the Equinox down into the lot and put tow bar on

Maneuvered the motorhome around and hooked up the Equinox

Drove out onto 5th Street and locked the chain

Drove over to the Olson’s and parked in front of their house

Erik brought AJ out to see the motorhome. There was a Christmas Stocking for AJ in the motorhome. She took it in the house to see what was in it

Erik made steak and eggs for breakfast

We said goodbye and headed out to Hesperia Lake Park Campground.

We stopped at Flying J for propane

It took 14.3 gal

Also filled with gas

Two transactions


Drove to Hesperia Lake Park. Found it all locked up. We checked yesterday and they said they would be open until 4:00 PM.

Drove 10 mi to Mojove Narrows Park. Registered for 4 nights.

Took a pull through site near rest rooms with hot showers.

The Jack’s wouldn’t go down, but both slides went out

Drove to Walmart. We thought it was 2.1 mi, but was 14 mi

It was raining and the parking lot was very busy.

I wanted to get 2 cigarette lighter socket splitters. They were locked up and no one had the key. Took me 30 minutes to get them out of locked cabinet. Cathy got some baking supplies and we found some good discounted pastry.

Drove back to motorhome and ate leftovers. I finished the sliders and Cathy, her leftover from Chipotle.

We watched old SNL Christmas program on TV.

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