Monday 12-30-19 Looking for Fuse Holder

Got up made coffee and toasted a bagel. Checked eMail and Facebook.

Took Joy for a walk.

Watched TV. About noon headed in to Dollar Tree for toilet paper.

In the same plaza was Dollar Tree, Harbor Freight and Ross Dress for Less

Went to all three stores

Headed over to NAPA for fuse holder. Their inventory showed two, but they couldn’t find them

Called 3T’s to see if they had fuse holder. She said she would check inventory and call me. She never called back.

Headed over to 99 Cent Only for soy sauce they didn’t have at Dollar Tree.

I went into 99 Cent Only and Cathy went to Tuesday Morning next door

99 Cent Only didn’t have soy sauce either.

Called CarQuest. They had fuse holder and fuses in stock.

Cathy found a lot of good things at Tuesday Morning. Cathy likes Jim Beam coffee, and Tuesday Morning had it

They also had Kahlua White Russian coffee

Went to CarQuest and picked up fuse holder and fuses

Stopped at Sally to get waterless shampoo. It is right next to Walmart.

Stopped at Walmart for soy sauce. Also got padlock for Honda EU2000i generator security chain.

Got back to motorhome and went to work on fuse holder

Got it replaced

Tried it and leveled motorhome

This must be the tree the location is named for

This is the other direction

Talked to neighbor. His name is Cory and he is from Montana. He is a young man traveling with his Blue Healer dog. He has about a 20′ travel trailer.

Made stir fry with Cathy’s left over prime rib

Had that with a nice salad for dinner

Watched several episodes of the Closer on startTV

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