Saturday 12-21-19 Rainbow Basin & Sawtooth Canyon

Left Kathryn & Erik’s a little after 10:00AM. We followed the Olsen’s to Rainbow Basin. Once we got off the asphalt it was washboard, but otherwise decent. It is very interesting from a geology and paleontology perspective

We climbed around for awhile

And posed for some pictures

We finished the loop drive through some close quarters

We saw some large Joshua Trees

We checked out the Owl Canyon Campground

We then went for lunch at Chipotle

The Flying J was right across the street, so filled the Equinox

Drove out to Sawtooth Canyon Campground

It is 14 mi south of Barstow.

There were quite a few Rock climbers

Stopped at Walmart. The Barstow Fire Dept and Police Department were collecting toys for kids

Picked up lasagna, bread sticks, lettuce and Red Stripe beer for dinner.

Watched our cousin Sydney Hilley play in the volleyball championship game. She plays for Wisconsin and they played Stanford. Wisconsin lost in three straight sets.

Had the lasagna and wine Kathryn and Erik picked up on a trip to Temecula

The wine was very good as was the rest of the dinner.

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