Saturday 12-28-19 Slow Day in Parker, AZ

Slept in for awhile. Joy got up and wanted to be walked. Took her out, about 45 F and very windy.

Made coffee and toasted a bagel.

Checked things out on the Internet.

Cathy took Joy for a long walk.

We drove around Parker checking out the businesses. Seems to have just about everything.

Drove out to Shea’s Road BLM camping area. It is 6 mi off AZ-95 south east of Parker. The road is asphalt, but rough.

Camping on both sides of road


Stopped at Walmart on way back to motorhome

Decided to maybe go to casino for buffet

Used our $10 free play. I ended up with $17.44

and Cathy $.04

Prime rib was the special on the buffet. We both ordered buffet.


and Cathy’s

Casino still has Christmas trim


Went back to motorhome and listened to the Grand Ole Opry.

Finished day reading my book.

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