Sunday 12-22-19 Last Day with the Olsen’s at Fort Irwin

We went over to the Olsen’s at about 11:00AM. We brought along some things for the dishwasher and a water bottle to fill.

Erik asked if I would like to ride in the Jeep with him to the commissary.

The Jeep wouldn’t start

We finally decided it was out of gas. I had 2.5 gallon can in the Equinox. Got it started and headed to the gas station.

As we were filling up a coyote walked by

We headed over to the commissary

The commissary is really nice

On the way back to the house, Erik took me on a tour of the post.

This is a Humvee like he drives to the field

We drove by lots of vehicles painted and modified to look like enemy vehicles

We drove through Town Center

Past some Christmas decorations

Erik made sliders for lunch

I drove off the post to get some pictures of the way in to Fort Irwin.

This is the highway from I-15

This is the entrance

There are many rocks painted with the insignia of the units that have trained at Fort Irwin

Up closer

From the north

The Heat

We watched some YouTube sailing videos and Erik served 1 liter Zoigl beer brought from Weiden, Germany

We watched “Home Alone”

Erik grilled rib eye steak marinated in Dale’s Seasoning from Alabama

We had steak salad for dinner

We said good night for our last time after a wonderful week long visit. We will see them tomorrow for breakfast.

Cathy called an RV park in Hesperia and there are plenty of available sites. We will go there tomorrow after saying good bye to the Olson’s.

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