Sunday 12-29-19 Parker to Lake Havasu City

Slept in for awhile again. Got up and took Joy for a walk. We walked over to look down on the Blue Water RV Park

Went back to motorhome and made coffee and toasted a bagel

Went out and got the Equinox ready to tow

Stopped at Running Man Gas Station on north end of Parker

It is Native American owned. There is one on each end of Parker. Gas was $2.579

Filled it up in one transaction

The Running Man is just north of the Moovalya Plaza

There is a Dollar General, a Safeway and a CVS there

It is easy in and out of Running Man from AZ-95.

We drove 49 mi north to Lone Tree BLM 14 day area.

It was hard to find anything near level, but picked a site near the entrance

Lone Tree BLM Video

Checked the fuses on the HWH Jacks and found a 40 amp fuse melted in in it’s holder. Couldn’t find one in my stuff. Went to Lake Havasu City and stopped at ACE Hardware. They didn’t have 40 amp fuse or holder. I bought two 20 amp and will parallel if I have to.

Stopped at Food City and filled two 1 gal water containers, 15 cents each.

Drove back to motorhome. Walked Joy and saw a beautiful sunset

Made eggs with peppers, onions, mushrooms and ham. I Sauteed the vegetables and ham in the air fryer and then finished in microwave.

Called my friend Tim in Grand Forks to see how the blizzard was doing.

Watched TV. We have 47 channels.

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