Tuesday 12-24-19 Shopping on Christmas Eve

Cathy took Joy for fairly early walk. Had some of the pastry we bought discounted at Walmart yesterday for breakfast.

I took Joy for another walk. It was partly sunny and 45F.

Campers were trimming Christmas trees

We have ours in the bedroom

My sister Jeanne and friend Tim called to wish us a Merry Christmas.

I had my left over from Chipotle for lunch

It was at least as good as it was at Chipotle

We needed to do some shopping at 99

cent Only, Harbor Freight and ALDI.

Headed to Harbor Freight. When we got there the 99 Cent Only was next door

I shopped at Harbor Freight and then went next door.

Got some Hong Kong beer for $3.99

Also got some wine spritzer

and chocolate bars

We then drove to ALDI

There was a Dollar Tree next door and a Walmart across the street.

Got a bottle of Sangria for $2.69

Picked up a few other things and headed back to motorhome.

Cathy made a video call to David’s Portal. I think he enjoyed the call.

Cathy heated up the lasagna left over from Saturday night and made a salad

It was tasty and we should finish it off in one more meal.

Finished the night on the Internet and watching TV.

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