Wednesday 12-25-19 Christmas in the High Desert

Woke up to a cool, but sunny Christmas morning. 35 F and windy.

Had a Cinnabon roll and coffee for breakfast.

Joy got into her Christmas Stocking

Cathy took Joy for a long walk. They saw some cattle on the edge of the park.

I set up my Visible Internet so we could stream TV. With AirTV in Buxton, we can see OTA channels from our antenna in Buxton any place. We watched the news and weather from Fargo

Spent the day on the Internet and reading “Sailing with Impunity: Adventure in the South Pacific.” It is about a couple sailing from Seattle to the South Pacific and back. I am really enjoying it.

Talked to my brother Pat and sister Julie. They are both in Moorhead.

We made Christmas dinner in the Air Fryer and Microwave/Convection Oven

We had Ham from Thanksgiving, roasted sweet potatoes, Tater Tots and tossed green salad. I used extra virgin olive oil and fig vinegar for dressing

We finished off dinner with Boston Cream Cake for dessert

We watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” “Perry Mason,” and “12 Pops of Christmas:Dr Pimple Popper.”

I took Joy out for a final walk of the day. We saw this RV all lit up for Christmas

We will try to get together with our WIT Nodak Flickertails friend Marjorie tomorrow and head out on Friday.

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